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02 TRM Framework: Strategy and Governance

Risk Cypher will support the development of a TRM Framework that will outline the program's strategic objectives and governance model.

02 TRM Framework: Strategy and Governance

Risk Cypher will maintain the availability of resources for the performance of the following activities:

● Review, analyze and enhance the TRM roles and responsibilities in each risk area
● Support in the identification of subject matter experts across categories and domains within the company and gathering the appropriate approvals for the TRM Framework
● Socialize TRM activities, roles, and responsibilities for the first, second, and third line of defense according to the TRM framework

In support of the objectives described above, Risk Cypher will also have responsibility for the following deliverables:
● Obtain alignment on IT Governance Structure
● Develop a RACI chart for program development across 1st / 2nd Line of Defense
● Design and establish a review and challenge program (process, procedures, template, observation tracking) to facilitate effective 2LOD ERM review

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