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01 Planning & Alignment

Risk Cypher will support the development of the Technology Risk Management Program implementation project schedule, identifying key milestones, stakeholders, and communication frequencies as needed and directed by the client.

01 Planning & Alignment

Risk Cypher will maintain the availability of resources for communicating this project's plans and objectives to the organization and stakeholders.

In support of the objectives described above, Risk Cypher will also have responsibility for the following deliverables:
Creation of a Technology Risk Management Program Implementation Project Plan / Schedule including:
● Project Scope/Goals & Objectives Statement
● Directory of Stakeholders (Executive sponsor, Department sponsors, key contributors, etc.)
● Key Deliverables/Achievements
● Work breakdown structure - identifying phases, key milestones
● Timeline
● Budget
● Risks/Issues management plan
● Communication Plan - Stakeholder interactions, reviews, reporting
● Quality Standards or Plan
● Assumptions / Constraints

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